Women's Gymnastics

From The Floor Blog: Week 10

Hey Fans!!

Coming off of our trip to West Virginia, it was nice to be back in our home arena this past Saturday. We started off the day with visualizations in the stands and at each event, and then started our "Evolution of Dance". It was motivating to have fans in the stands as we were doing our 15 minute warm-up due to Jordyn Weiber's guest appearance.

As we went into the locker room to change, we huddled up, received encouraging reminders from Melissa to be "calm and aggressive" as well as to trust each other. We then said a prayer, did our cheers and went back out to the gym. We all got each other pumped up by screaming, dancing, clapping and singing behind the curtains before showtime!

Starting on vault, we wanted set the tone for the meet by putting up our best scores. Following that was bars and beam where we had to make use of our abilities to dial-in and dial-out our focus in order to calm ourselves down for those two events. On floor everyone was pumped up, dancing to the songs "This Is How We Do It" and "The Harlem Shake". We expected a great last event with good landings, great presentation and we had high expectations of each other, which allowed us to have a strong finish for the night.

It was really nice to meet Jordyn Weiber this weekend. After the meet, we were able to talk with her, take pictures and ask her any questions we had. This meet marks the highest score of the season so far (197.2). We were really excited but not at all surprised because we all knew that we worked hard in the gym and were capable of attaining this score. Despite this score, there is always room for growth, which we intend to do.Hope you can make it to Senior Night this coming weekend!! 

Maggie Laughlin & Nina McGee

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